Custom High Strength Differentials

Pictured above is a helical gear limited slip differential.
Stronger and better traction than stock.
Typical pricing is $1000-2000 depending on quantity. Contact us about your application.

Pictured above is a four pinion differential conversion.
Nearly double the strength of two pinion differentials.
Typical pricing is $1000/set.

Pictured above is an open planetary differential for Datsun/Nissan/Subaru R180.
Much stronger than standard bevel gear differentials.
Pricing is $2000/set. Contact us about other applications.

Custom High Strength Spools

Typical pricing in low volumes is $1000 each.
This spool weighs under ten pounds, the stock differential weighs over 14 pounds.
Strongest, lightest, simplest solution for the ultimate in traction.
Contact us about other applications.

Custom High Strength Mini Spools

Simple, economical solution to traction problems and broken differential gears.
Included are two side dogs, crossblock, and crosspin.
All machined from 4340 with an impact-resistant heat treatment.
These have been tested in a brutal off-road racing environment.
Available to fit Honda B series transaxle or Subaru R160 rear differential.
Typical pricing is $800/set. Contact us about other applications.